The Legal Weapon You Can Own
A New Generation Of Self-Defence Weapon

My Keeper-S, a lightweight stainless steel cylinder tank, filled with tear gas, formally known as lachrymator (from the Latin lacrima, meaning "tear"). It is not pepper spray, it is tear gas that is so powerful which can bring down a crowd of people within range of 3 meter just in one second. Causes your enemy respiratory pain, skin irritation and stunt for more than 30 minutes.

Forget about bringing knife, baseball bat or even nunchucks. You are not going anywhere with those weapon carrying along by your side 24/7 and these weapon will not help you in any kind of dangerous situation. Even if you did, you might get yourself trouble into lawsuit.

My Keeper-S is very lightweight to carry (only 96g), stunt but not wound your enemy. And most important is, My Keeper-S is legal in Malaysia.
Legal & Permitted In Malaysia
Under the Military Act 1960, self-defence weapon has been declared as one of the restricted weapons.
But My Keeper-S is definitely legal self-defence weapon to use in Malaysia because it is approved by Ministry of Home Affairs
with permit number (PGD/LMAF/17/97/DALAM(PR)61/6/5)

User will get a permanent illegality certificiate as below

How To Use
Remember, always lock the safety lock to prevent accidentally press the trigger
Refill Gas Tank
My Keeper-S gas tank are filled with 32gram of tear gas, allow to shoot up to 5 times on each 1-2 second press. It depending on how users usage, if holding press too long, apparently it exhaust whole tank of gas.

A weight device is included in package, user may use the device to measure the weight of tank to ensure amount of tear gas is enough.

Expiry of the tear gas is approximately 3 years. Please replace it to ensure My Keeper-S is working on the best condition.

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